Who are we?

We believe that the best climber is the one who enjoys climbing the most. That’s the aim of the Ronimistehas (or ‘Climbing Factory’ in English) – to create an environment where people feel happy.

In the first two years of operation, more than 20,000 people have visited Ronimistehas and the welcome we have received from the local community has been amazing.

For the people behind the climbing gym, climbing is definitely more than a sport – it’s a lifestyle and most of our friends are climbers. Climbing is a well-rounded sport, but it’s really the community that keeps us climbing year after year. We’re honoured to be embraced by such great people, and to be able to share the joy of climbing with them.

Our people

Anyone who has come to visit Ronimistehas knows that the keyword that is characterized by a sense of community. Behind the birth and daily functioning of our hall, a circle of people is closely intertwined. A family rather than a fitness center. That’s how we are.

Juurmaa family

Rees built the gym and is now in constant struggle of making it better. At the same time, dreaming of a time when he could once more climb again himself. Luckfully, Kristin is there to help with all sorts of administration, social media, design, photography and patience.

Niibo family

Priit is the chief route setter of the gym, thanks to whose passion new routes are born every other week. Dagmar is his pillar of support, who helps to understand everything that comes with Priit's passion - be it yet a nother order of climbing holds, multiple meters of climbing books in their library or heading out from home at 7 o'clock to go route setting.

Kasuk family

Liisi was one of the first ones who had the belief and energy for Tartu Ronimisministeerium. She has been irreplaceable support for the gym ever since. His husband Allan has always agreed to sacrifice Sunday morning pancakes in order to come to the gym with Liisi and their 3 kids.

Gen Mandre

Gen's efforts for developing climbing in Tartu have been monumental. He has carried the same enthusiasm to Ronimisministeerium as a route setter and instructor. Together with Priit they form a duo as the two Tartu climbers with the most experience, body weight and good looks (both among men and women). Often enough - Gen is the one who can give you the best feedback on how to climb the highest with the least effort.

Ragnar Peets

Ragnar is a route setter and instructor. Because of his background a semiotic, he always tries to teach fellow climbers a new (body) language - to show how to break through barriers in one's thinking and abilities. To prove that we're all braver and stronger than we thought. Or the other way around.


Tõnis Taul

Tõnis is a route setter, instructor and trainer. Fun fact: world famous Italian rock climber Stefano Ghisolfi is often mistaken for Tõnis because of how much they look alike.


Martin Männiste

Martin is a route setter and instructor. Young man (18), but you can already trust his experience in climbing. The flag bearer of climbing in Tartu: outdoor bouldering - V9/7C, lead climbing – 8a.

Tarvi Suur

Tarvi is a trainer and instructor. With his energetic personality he is the favorite trainer for kids and he also shines as the organizer of competitions and events.

Sergei Nazarenko

Sergei is a trainer, instructor and route setter. Under his modest and serious surface lies a warm personality.

Nadežda Bolshakova

Nadja is a trainer and instructor whose biggest wish is bringing kids and youth to climbing.

Iiv Aavik

Iiv is a trainer and instructor and thus far, Ronimisministeerium's best answer to the question howt to attract more female climbers.

Alar Kööbi

Alar is our mechanic. With his golden hands and acute mind for engineering he has left his mark to every inch of our gym.