Frequently asked questions

Ronimisministeerium is a self-service climbing gym. Meaning: we don’t have an administrator on the spot. Buying a ticket is easy though: purchase it through our web shop after which you get a confirmation on your email with an “Open door” link with which you can get in.

According to the restrictions, all gym visitor over the age ov 12 have to show their Covid vaccine sertification or proof of recovery from Covid before entering. The document has to be uploaded to our web shop, only after which it is possible to open the door.

If you’re coming alone or with friends, then you don’t need to let us know in advance. If you want instructed climbing, you should let us know! Read about the different options for instructed climbing here.

With the regular pass you can get in every day from 09:00-21:00. With premium passes you can get in 24/7. You can choose your time of leaving as you wish.

Nope. Climb until you’re too tired to continue.

Most certainly! Ronimisministeerium offers physical challenges for everybody – from kids to senior citizens. At our gym both beginners and advanced climbers find something to do! You can start climbing on your own, but the best introduction to climbing comes through our Bouldering ABC courses, where you can get to know the sport with the help of an experienced instructor. Look for more information under our Facebook events.

Of course! Ronimisministeerium is a bouldering gym, which means that most of the walls are up to 4,5 m high and safety in case of falling comes from a special 30 cm mat. Even if you come alone, there’s a high risk that you will find new friends among fellow climbers who are trying to solve the same puzzle as you.

Kids are very welcome to climb. All the lower grade routes (V0…V2) in the gym are made thinking about climbers as small as 7 year-old. In addition we have a separate beginners’ wall, where the climbing hold density is especially kid friendly and even 3 year-old kids can give it a try!


4… 5-year-old kids are already quite nimble on the climbing wall. 3-year-old kids can often surprise their parents and the kid in this video is less than 2 years old. The smalles rental shoes that we offer ar number 25.

You only pay for climbing. Supporters can come in for free.

No, Ronimisministeerium is a bouldering gym, meaning that the walls are only up to 4,5 m high and safety comes in form of a 30 cm thick mat.

Wear something comfortable. In the beginning it is easy to hit your knees, so it’s a good idea to wear pants that cover the knee.

Climbers wear special climbing shoes, which are with a rubber sole and a pointy toe part. You can rent shoes like that from the gym. Climbing barefoot isn’t allowed in the interest of safety and hygiene.

We don’t recommend climbing with anything other than climbing shoes because with only those you can put most of your body weight to your feet. With inappropriate footwear, you will soon start hanging on your arms, which causes unnecessary fatigue. If you still prefer your own alternative footwear, preferably something with a thin sole!

You can see the rental shoe shelf the moment when you enter the gym. Once you have paid for them in our web shop, you can choose the necessary size from the shelf, without the need of booking them in advance.

For indoor bouldering you only need climbing shoes (rent: 2 €, purchase starting from 75 €). Owning a chalk bag also helps (rental: 2 €, purchase starting from 15 €).


Sure thing! All the information on this topic is from here!

Our premium pass enables visiting us 24/7. In addition you can enter all of our other gyms with the premium pass.

For 10x and monthly passes (1, 3, 6 and 12) you can lengthen the pass, if you can provide us a medical proof indicating at least a 1 week long inability for training.

Let us know immediately after your injury or illness. We do not lengthen the pass in case of a pause lasting less than 1 week or if you let us know later than the medical proof indicats.

In addition the premium pass owners can take vacation from training: for the 1 month pass: 1 week, for the 3 month pass: 3 weeks, for the 6 month pass: 6 weeks, for the 12 month pass: 12 weeks. If you wish you can use your training vacation in several parts.