Own responsibility sheet

Voluntary participation

I, the undersigned, certify that I participate in the climbing activities of Ronimisministeerium on a voluntary basis.

Please note that the Estonian Climbing Association warns that climbing is an activity that may result in injury. Persons involved in this activity must be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their actions and their consequences, incl. participating in training and / or sessions.

Release of the organizer from liability

I am aware of the risks associated with climbing and confirm that the Ronimisministeerium and its representatives are not responsible for the possible consequences of my actions, which may be damage to health or property. The release from liability does not apply in the event of negligent or intentional damage caused by the organizer or representative.


I am aware that ordinary insurance usually does not cover accidents related to rock climbing.

Health condition

The health condition of the climber must allow for climbing. If you are not sure if your condition allows you to climb, please consult a doctor.


Minors must be at Ronimisministeerium with an adult and / or present the consent of their legal representative to climb walls independently (incl. Have previous experience). It is forbidden to run and play in the climbing area, except during trainings and / or sessions as part of the activities performed by the instructor. The risk of injury, for example from falling through a climber, is high! Please inform your children accordingly.

Ronimisministeerium regulations:

  1. It is forbidden to stay in the premises in the outdoor shoes, they can be left on the shelf by the front door.
  2. Disinfect the climbing shoes after use and replace all training equipment. We keep order and cleanliness.

Ronimisministeerium and Climbing Rules:

  1. Rings and watches must be removed before climbing.
  2. Pockets must be empty during climbing.
  3. Climbing while intoxicated with alcohol, drugs and all kinds of drugs is strictly forbidden. Ronimisministeerium zero tolerance for the use of these substances, except for medical indications.
  4. It is forbidden to climb in socks or barefoot.
  5. When climbing, check the safety of the fall area, including any obstructions or people.
  6. When moving around or climbing in the climbing area, make sure that you do not move under the climber or climb above the climber.
  7. Going to the climbing area (mat area) with food and drink is prohibited.
  8. When reaching the top, avoid jumping down and climbing down if possible. If there is a risk of falling, jump off the wall and check for falling: feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent and toes out.
  9. If there are loose cams on the wall, they can be tightened using the bolt turning tool (hex key) next to the first aid kit.
  10. Only a talc bag with a ball or liquid talc is allowed in the hall. When climbing, the talc bag should be placed in a bucket or on a hard floor, not on a mat or on it
  11. The climber must be careful and consider other climbers.

I have been vaccinated or have suffered a negative COVID test as a corona in the last 72 hours

I confirm that I have carefully read the Deductible and understood all the rules, their content and importance, and I agree and abide by these terms. In case of non-compliance with the rules, the Ronimisministeerium reserves the right to remove the violator from the climbing area or, if necessary, from the Ronimisministeerium . In this case, no refund will be made for the purchased ticket money.